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Visual Arts Department

Meet the Teachers

Angel Carpenter

Hi! My name is Angel Carpenter, and my focus is sharing the joy of art with the community. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Oregon State College (painting and drawing), but my hope is to share fun art, not fine art! My step-by-step lessons are geared toward teaching beginners while also allowing intermediate and advanced artists to join in and take the creative process to whatever level they like, allowing all to enjoy timeout for art with a completed piece to take home.

Kim Randleas

Kim Randleas was born in 1975 in Eastern Oregon. Not being one to shout, her paintings are a soft-spoken tribute to a fleeting moment; a quick glance, an exceptionally interesting cloud formation, or an old house not long for this world. The wide-open spaces, moments of the past, and the nearby Native American tribal culture are common subjects depicted in her paintings.  Kim continues to reside in her home town, Canyon City, Oregon enjoying the beauty and solitude of her home nestled at the base of Canyon Mountain.

Visual Arts Committee

Visual Arts Department Lead

Teach a Class

Interested in teaching or volunteering for the Visual Arts Department? Contact Kim at painteskycenter@gmail.com

Physical Address: 118 Washington Street Canyon City, OR  97820

Mailing Address: PO Box 21 Canyon City, OR  97820

Call: (541) 575-1335

Email: paintedskycenter@gmail.com

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