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Painting the Portrait and Landscape in Watercolor with Stan Miller

  • Friday, August 21, 2020
  • Sunday, August 23, 2020
  • 3 sessions
  • Friday, August 21, 2020, 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Saturday, August 22, 2020, 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Sunday, August 23, 2020, 9:00 AM 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Grant County Regional Airport


  • Workshop plus a private room and bath arriving Thursday afternoon and checking out Sunday morning. Includes breakfast.

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Painting the Portrait and Landscape in Watercolor

In this workshop students have the option of being guided through a portrait or a landscape painting. Each day, both a portrait and a landscape will be demonstrated by the instructor, students have the choice each day of either choosing the landscape or the portrait, if they choose to be guided through the demonstration by Stan. Students also have the option of working on their own subjects. Students are encouraged to bring photos of subjects that they might like to paint in the future for Stan to look at and discuss with the student. Technique, color, choosing paintable subjects, understanding composition and design will also be addressed in this workshop.

This is an intermediate level class. Students should have some prior experience working with watercolor. No refunds or withdraws within 30 days of the workshop. To make three payments on the workshop, please choose the "pay offline" option.

Workshop only price: $350

Workshop plus private room and private bath at The Old School House B&B (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights + Breakfast) price: $650

Workshop plus shared room and shared bath The Old School House B&B (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights + Breakfast) price: $550

(The Old School House B & B is astonishingly beautiful and well-appointed. Surrounded by superior craftsmanship and elegant decor, you will find your stay relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious. Your perfect get-away is at the Old School House B&B in Historic Canyon City, Oregon. "The most artistic small town in Oregon!" Located within walking distance of the workshop. Scroll down for photos of the accommodations.)

Email paintedskycenter@gmail.com with questions about registering, accomodations, or shared room options.

Questions about the workshop, students are welcome to email: Stan@stanmiller.net 

About Stan:

Stan Miller is an internationally known American artist. He has won awards, exhibited his work, instructed workshops and juried art events around the world. Stan studied art for three years in a small college in Spokane, Washington, graduating in 1973. He was a watercolor instructor at Spokane Falls Community College from 1976 to 1984. Miller has been a full time artist for more then forty years. 

He is a signature member and award winner with the American Watercolor Society. 

Recent events and awards: 

2018 Juror of Awards for the 151st American Watercolor Society International Exhibition. 2018 Accepted American Watercolor Society International Exhibition. 2016 Quondam International Exhibition, Quindao, China 2015 World Watercolor Exhibition - Hanoi, Vietnam 2015 First Place, The Artist’s Magazine Competition 2014 World Watermedia Competition and Exhibition - Narbonne, France 2014 World Watermedia Exposition and Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand 2013 American Watercolor Society 

For a more extensive bio please visit: www.stanmiller.net 

Materials List:

Basic Supplies: 

1. Students need to have Arches, 140 pound, cold press, watercolor paper. NO SUBSTITUTES. They will need at least 4, quarter sheets of this paper, that are about 11” x 15”. They can cut down full sheets, (22” x 30”) in class if needed. 2. Students need to BRING TUBES OF PAINT. Often students just bring a palette with paint in the palette...no. They also need to bring tubes of paint. 3. All students need an inexpensive mechanical pencil, $1 at the most at any drug store or supermarket. 4. All students need masking tape. NOT THE BLUE TAPE. Regular cream colored masking tape. 

Students have the option (nearly all students choose this option) of working from my handouts of portraits and landscapes. I guide them through each handout, doing one stage at a time. Students are also welcome to work on their own subjects from their own images. 

Students are encouraged to email me should they have questions about the workshop or supplies. 

Here are the essential supplies: 

Arches wc paper, as mentioned above. A 1 inch flat, wc brush. A #6 round wc brush, or something close to that size. A palette, not too small. A large white dinner plate would work, otherwise a purchased palette. Watercolor paints: I recommend one strong red, Quinacridone Rose, or Cadmium Red, or Winsor Red, or Alizarin Crimson. Also a strong blue: Thalo or Prussian Blue (I use Grahams paints and use a Phthalocyanine Blue...thalo blue). Yellow: Cadmium yellow, or Hansa, or Azo yellow. I encourage titanium white. One could also have a black, or paynes gray. Other colors are welcome and helpful, but not required. Additional brushes are also welcome. 

A watercolor board is not required. Extra scrap wc paper is good. A kneaded eraser. Grocery store sponge for absorbing water. Container for water. 

I also encourage students to bring images of subjects they may wish to paint, not necessarily in the workshop, but in the future. 

The Old School House B&B

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