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Have an upcoming meeting or event? Host it with us!

Review the Terms and Conditions related to our rentals.

Birthday Party Packages and Pricing

Host your next birthday part with Painted Sky Center for the Arts!

Space rental starts at just $40 for the first 3 hours. Add-in packs available, to include art-themed decorations, setup, cleanup, and/or art supplies. Make this an art-centric birthday they remember!

Get Partying!

Clubs, Artisan Guilds, & Art Associations

We'd love to host your next book club, writer's club, artisan guild, or art association meeting! We want Painted Sky Center for the Arts to be a welcoming space to all artists to gather to discuss or practice their craft, music, or favorite art type.

Requests for spacing are free to make at this time, subject to availability. All activities must be art-centric and non-commercial in nature. All requests must be made with at least 4 weeks advance notice.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Looking for a space to host committee or board meetings? Need a neutral location to facilitate meetings between varied stakeholders? For community services, non-profit organizations, or other entities with similar missions or goals to our own, look no further!

Register now to reserve space for your group or meeting. Small fee covers utilities and other requirements. Please make request at least 4 weeks to ensure space and volunteer staff availability.  

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Other Events or Uses of Our Space

We would potentially be willing to explore renting our space for any wider array of uses. Please use the form below to articulate your needs and request, so we can determine if our venue is the right fit for you. 

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PO Box 21

Canyon City, OR  97820


Office:  (541) 575-1335



Painted Sky Center for the Arts is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your support matters. Thank you for supporting the arts. 

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